Debit Card Fraud Protection with EnFact

Enfact Debit Card SecurityWe’ve got your back!

You may not be aware of it, but your debit card has around-the-clock monitoring to help protect against fraud. With our EnFact service, fraud specialists will watch for suspicious card activity on your account 24/7, 365 days a year.  As a result, when transactions occur that are not consistent with your usual card activity, you could receive notifications from the North Shore Bank Fraud Detection Center to verify the authenticity of these transactions — sometimes even while the transaction is happening.

Keeping this in mind, you shouldn't be surprised if you receive an email notification, a text, a call to your mobile phone or even all of the above. It's all part of the security umbrella. Of course to take full advantage of this service, you just need to make sure that North Shore Bank always has your most current contact information on file. This will allow us to easily reach out to you in the event of suspicious or out of the ordinary debit card transactions.


If a suspicious transaction does occur, you may receive the following sequence of notifications:

  • An email from, verifying that the recent transactions on your debit card were made with your authorization.

  • If you have opted into this service, a text message from 877-273-5740 will be sent. We recommend that you save this number as “North Shore Bank Fraud Detection Center” so that it appears this way if you receive a text from us. (For text notifications an enrollment process must be completed before this alert option can be used.)
  • A telephone call from a North Shore Bank Fraud Detection Center agent. If an agent is calling, your Caller I.D. will show either 800-279-2674 or 877-253-8964. In certain instances you may receive a call from our automated system, in those cases the Caller I.D. will display 844-682-4502. (Our agents will make two attempts to call you with a gap of 15 minutes between each call.)
  • ​If no contact is made with the cardholder a letter will be sent to the address on file.

If you ever have questions or concerns about your debit card or whether we have your most recent information on file, don’t hesitate to contact your nearest NSB branch or call Customer Support at (978) 573-1300 (during normal business hours).
In addition for tips about safeguarding your debit or ATM cards, check out our Security Center — it contains lots of great resources and suggestions for both online and offline security.