Overflowing file cabinets . . . stuffed mail slots?

It’s no secret that we could all probably use a little help organizing paperwork. That’s why at North Shore Bank we’re happy to provide a solution to this challenge — or at the very least, stop contributing to the problem. Our convenient and secure e-Statements are an environmentally friendly alternative to paper statements. You can choose to receive FREE electronic statements for any checking, money market or statement savings account that you currently hold with the bank. You just need to be an online banking user and we will provide the same documents that we would typically mail to you each month — including copies of your checks — through the online banking platform.

The-benefits of e-Statements include:

  • Up to 7 years of online statement storage
  • Monthly e-mail notification when your statement is ready for viewing
  • Secure online access — providing additional protection from identity theft
  • The ability to print, download or save statements to your computer

To get started, log in to the desktop version of Online Banking.

  1. At the home screen, select the eDocuments tab on the top navigation bar.
  2. Click on the View eDocuments link to right of the account(s) to which you’d like to receive an e-Statement.
  3. On the following screen, check the box acknowledging that you’d like to switch to an e-Statement for this account.
  4. Click Next at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  5. Read through the e-Statement Agreement. Copy the Acknowledgement Code at the end of the document, paste it into the form field on the left and hit the Submit button.
  6. Finally click Accept on the blue bar at the bottom right of the screen.
Please note that you should repeat this process for every account that you would like to receive an e-Statement. Check out the short clip below to see an illustration of the enrollment process.
Illustration of how to sign-up for e-Statements

If you are not currently using online banking but would like to eliminate paper statements, click the button below to sign-up.

Of course, if you are already an online banking user, simply log into your account with the button below.

Still have questions or concerns? Call Customer Support at (978) 573-1300 (during regular operating hours) or stop in at any of our branch locations. We're always happy hear from you and we'd love to discuss e-Statements, online banking or bill pay.