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North Shore Bank has the products and services to meet your needsWe make banking personal

Get the technology you want and the personal service you deserve.

Personal Bank Accounts and Services

Personal Banking sure isn't what it used to be. ATMs and PIN codes, as well as online and mobile banking have taken priority over what used to be relationship banking. Well that may be the case but North Shore Bank is not ready to give up on those relationships so easily.

Oh, we're still up on all that stuff, in fact we’re confident that you can do anything at NSB that you can at one of the big banks. From savings and retirement products to checking accounts and borrowing options, North Shore Bank has accounts that fit your personal banking and financial goals . . . delivered in a traditional manner or through online or mobile banking access. We just provide this service with a level of care and attention that you just don't see a lot of anymore.

Online Banking

Access your personal banking information, pay bills, transfer funds, review e-Statements . . . 24 hours
a day, 7 days a week.

Mobile Banking

Your finances will always be at your fingertips . . . quite literally. Review your accounts, anytime and from anywhere, all from the convenience of your mobile phone.


Select a checking account to fit your personal banking and financial needs, with all the convenient services.

Savings & Retirement

Saving is easy with the right products to match your financial goals; let us help you.

Mortgage Services

Whether you’re buying a home or car, or have some other financial need, we have the products and the dedication to help make it a reality.