For almost forty years, Citizens Inn has been an essential resource to countless individuals and families on the North Shore — providing food and shelter to the area’s most vulnerable. At no time has this support been more apparent than during the current COVID-19 outbreak. Despite ongoing supply chain issues, logistical challenges resulting from social distancing requirements and an overall shortage of volunteers, the organization’s Haven from Hunger Food Pantry still experienced a 400% increase in new registrations during the month of April.

In this rapidly evolving crisis, Citizens Inn needs the resources to provide for even more clients who are facing food insecurity due to job loss or pre-existing instability. Recognizing this critical need North Shore Bank has pledged to match all donations made to the orgainization during the month of June, up to a total of $50,000.

Kevin M. Tierney, Sr., Chief Executive Officer of North Shore Bank said, 

As the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues, more people in our community will be relying on organizations like Citizens Inn. Of course, with this growing demand comes an even greater need for monetary donations.” He added, “As always, Citizens Inn is on the front line, committed to fighting food insecurity and homelessness, and the bank couldn’t be prouder to assist them with their indispensable mission. 

Corey Jackson, Executive Director of Citizens Inn said of North Shore Bank’s matching offer:

North Shore Bank continually supports the work we do for families in our community. During this crisis it means a lot to have corporate partner in the community who steps up with extra resources when they are needed the most.” He went on to relate, “North Shore Bank has always recognized the importance of our efforts and have always been there to help.


Listen to  Corey Jackson from Citizens Inn and NSB's
Chris Pesce discuss the program on North Shore 104.9



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Programs offered are designed to help families and individuals prepare for and transition to a sustainable life. Through their work, they not only provide a safe place to stay and a meal on the table, but offer tools to empower families and individuals to find permanent solutions to break the patterns of instability in their lives.

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