Pam and Jonah Hulbert had a mission: to build a women's consignment store with quality goods, lots of space, and attractive pricing. The result was Worthy Girl - a Beverly boutique consignment store opened in 2012 emphasizing quality goods, quality experience and quality prices.

Noted as “The Next Gen of Consignment” on their website, Worthy Girl's goal is to deliver a shopping experience that’s not only enjoyable but offers desirable clothes at manageable prices. They moved to a new corner location at 276 Cabot St. in 2020 and consider their brand to be “as much ours as it is yours, so engage, critique, and love you some threads,” according to their Facebook page. The question “Who Is Worthy Girl” is answered on their website: "We’ve built a shopping experience that focuses on current trends for less. So if you want style and savings, we’ve got you covered." Simply stated on the shop's homepage - "Stupidly good consignment."
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