What You Need to Know About our Redesign

On Tuesday, June 7th, North Shore Bank will be launching our redesigned online and mobile banking platforms.

In addition to all the features and benefits to which you’ve grown accustomed, our new platform will also include a streamlined display and simpler navigation. We’re anticipating that this redesign will be seamless and there should not be any disruption to your normal system access.

Things To Note With The Redesign

  • Bookmarks & Favorites — If you have bookmarked or favorited the account login page it will continue to work as before. Any other bookmarks, for instance if you have favorited the online banking landing page after you've logged in, will need to be re-established.

  • Usernames and Passwords — There will be no change to your username or password – simply log into the system on Tuesday morning as you normally would.
  • New Mobile App Version — You will not need to download a new version of the mobile application – it will be pushed out automatically to your device on June 7th.
  • Biometric Login — If you access the mobile app using the fingerprint ID or facial recognition functions, you will not need to re-register your device — it will continue to work as before.
  • Account Settings — Any custom settings that you may have set up – such as account alerts, bill payees and account nicknames – will all be maintained with the new versions.
  • Third-Party Finance Apps — If you use financial management software, websites, or applications that connect directly to your online banking profile, there will be an interruption in connectivity - click here for more information. 

Desktop Home Screen

The redesigned home screen includes a top navigation bar with the most commonly used functions represented. The Quick Transfer feature on the right allows you to easily move funds between your North Shore Bank accounts. The services menu is now located at the top of the page next to your name and adjacent to the logout button (see below).  By clicking the drop down (1) you will be able to perform a variety of functions, such as updating My Profile as well as accessing the Banking Services tab (2).  This latter section allows you to perform a variety of account and service-level functions.  

North Shore Bank online banking platform

Mobile Banking Application

A key benefit of the new platform is that it's fully responsive — the user experience is largely the same whether you are logging in on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. As a result, the layout is identical to the desktop version with the exception of the top navigation bar. The mobile app features a menu icon at the top-left (1). Simply click that menu icon to uncover account-level functions, such as the mobile deposit feature,  eStatements, and card management tool. Many of these features can also be accessed from the new "Top Tasks" menu at the bottom of each page (2)

The Service Menu is again located at the top-right of the display. By clicking the avatar (3) you will uncover the same menu functions as the desktop version.

If you have questions, please call Customer Support at (978) 573-1300 during regular business hours.
North Shore Bank Mobile Banking App on cell phone

Download the Apps 

    Click on the appropriate icon below: