North Shore Bank

Instant Balances

Get Instant Balances with a swipe of your finger.

Instant Balance feature from North Shore Bank Mobile Banking

It's fast and super-convenient . . .

North Shore Bank's Instant Balances feature allows you to get a quick snapshot of your accounts on your mobile phone without having to log in to your account. Once you've enabled the service, merely swipe down on the gray pull tab at the top of the Sign-In screen (click on the thumbnail to the right to see what we mean).

You can designate as many or as few of your accounts as you would like to appear and manage the service on either your mobile phone, tablet or through your Online Banking profile. Click to the right to see an example of the balance screen which is displayed.

There is even an option to view your five most recent transactions. All you need to do is click on the arrow adjacent to account's Current Balance. To see an illustration, just click on the thumbnail.

Signing up is easy . . .

Log-in to the North Shore Bank Mobile App with your existing User I.D. and password. Once on the landing page click the mobile menu in the upper right hand corner of display.

Choose the "Mobile Services" option (To see an example, click on the thumbnail to the right).

Select "Manage Instant Balances" from the drop-down list that appears (see the illustration to the right).

Give your device a name (which is required), designate those accounts which you want to see using the service and then click on the "Enable Instant Balance" button (see right).

If you still have questions, call Customer Support at (978) 573-1300 (during normal operating hours) or of course stop in at any of our branches to discuss the Instant Balance feature of our Mobile Banking app (or anything else for that matter).