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It happens all the time . . . you’re caught up with your expenses and then something comes out of the blue. Unfortunately that something always seems to be pretty expensive.  For just these sorts of times, North Shore Bank has developed a full range of consumer lending services — designed to make financing fast, convenient, and affordable.

New and Used Auto Loans

You've been putting it off but it's finally time to get that new car. The good news is that we offer flexible repayment plans and low rates on both new and used vehicles. And with our automatic payment option, you can save even more with your auto loan.

Personal Loans*

Time for a vacation?  Is your computer from the 90s?  Whatever you've been putting off can be made a reality with a personal loan designed specifically for your needs by NSB. 

Collateral Loans

An alternative to a personal loan, these loans are secured by your North Shore Bank passbook savings account or certificate of deposit.

Overdraft Protection

Protect yourself from the costly fees and the inconvenience associated with overdrawn checks.

*Borrowers are required to be a North Shore Bank customer for at least one year prior to applying for a Personal Loan.

For additional consumer lending information, stop by any of our convenient locations or call Customer Support at (978) 573-1300 (during normal operating hours).