North Shore Bank

Lost or Stolen Card

If your North Shore Bank Debit MasterCard® is ever lost, stolen or if you suspect fraudulent activity please contact us immediately. In addition to calling us or stopping in at a branch office, you can also temporarily deactivate and reactivate your card through our online and mobile banking platforms. Please note that if you deactivate your card you will still need to notify the bank about any further remediation, such as ordering a new card if necessary.

By Telephone

Call to report your card lost or stolen using either of the numbers below..

  • (877) 712-7000 (during normal banking hours)
  • (800) 264-5578 (after normal banking hours)
  • (412) 552-2698 (when travelling internationally)

In Branch

Stop in at any of our branch locations during our normal banking hours to report a lost or stolen card.

Deactivating or Reactivating your Card through Mobile Banking

Log-in to the North Shore Bank Mobile App with your existing User I.D. and password. Once on the landing page click the mobile menu in the upper right hand corner of display (click on the thumbnail to enlarge).

Select the “Mobile Services” option from the Mobile Menu (click on the thumbnail to enlarge).

Finally, choose "Deactivate or Reactivate" to designate the effected card or cards (click on the thumbnail to enlarge).

Deactivating or Reactivating your Card through Online Banking

After logging in to the desktop version of North Shore Bank's Online Banking, click on the "Services Center" tab on the top menu (click on the thumbnail to enlarge).

Select "Deactivate/Reactivate My Card,"  under "Card Services," to designate the effected card(s) (click on the thumbnail to enlarge).