North Shore Bank

EMV Debit MasterCards

Activate before June 15th — don’t lose debit card access!

North Shore Bank EMV Debit MasterCard Image

If you are a current North Shore Bank debit cardholder, we recently mailed you a new EMV Debit MasterCard® to the address we have on file (shown to the right). If you have not already done so, please activate this card immediately.

The new card includes an embedded microchip (see to the right) which will provide you with an additional level of security when it is used with chip readers at retail establishments; in the process helping to protect you from fraud. When not used with a chip reader, your new card will still function in the same manner as your old card and can still be swiped using the magnetic strip on the back. Of course you can also continue to use it online by simply entering your card number from the front.

Non-EMV debit cards will be deactivated on that date!

  • To insure continued debit card access to your North Shore Bank accounts, your new EMV card must be activated by June 15th. Your old North Shore Bank debit card — either of the two shown below  — will no longer work after that date.
Image of NSB debit card to be deactivated Image of NSB debit card to be deactivated
  • To activate your card, simply conduct a transaction at any ATM using your existing Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • Make sure to update your card information with any companies with whom you’ve established an automatic payment, for instance your monthly gym membership, any subscription services like Netflix, E-Z Pass or other similar payees.

What if you misplaced or never received a new EMV card?

By now you should certainly have received your new card — which for security purposes was sent in a plain, unbranded envelope, with only the bank’s 32 Main Street, Peabody return address. If you do not have the card, please call us at 877-712-7000 or stop in at your nearest North Shore Bank branch. All North Shore Bank branches are equipped with card printers and can issue you a new EMV Debit MasterCard® on the spot.