Consumer Fee Schedule

Abandoned Property/Escheatment


Account Research:  
  • One Hour Minimum


  • Per Items Copied


ATM/Debit Card Replacement $20.00
Check Printing (depends on style) Fee varies
Coin Counters1 7.5% of total
Collection Items:  
  • Foreign (including Canadian)


Euro and Pound Purchase/Redemption2 $10.00
Foreign ATM Withdrawal Fee3 $1.75
IRA annual fee (per plan)


IRA Trustee Transfer Fee $50.00
Inactive Fee4 $5.00
Insufficient Funds Charge - Paid5 $33.00
  • 18/65 accounts5
Insufficient Funds Charge - Returned5 $33.00
  • 18/65 accounts5
Uncollected Funds Charge - Paid $33.00
  • 18/65 accounts
Uncollected Funds Charge - Returned $33.00
  • 18/65 accounts
MasterCard International Fee6

2% (per transaction)

Money Order


Passbook Replacement


Legal Order Processing Fee


Return Check Charge


Return Mail Fee $5.00
Stop Payment (per item)


Treasurer’s Check


Wire transfers  
  • Outgoing (domestic)


  • Outgoing (foreign)


Safe Deposit Box Rental Fee

Contents are not insured by FDIC or the Bank
Box Size Annual Rent
 3 x 5  $55.00
 5 x 5   $65.00
 3 x 10   $75.00
 5 x 10   $95.00
 7 x 107  $130.00
 10 x 10  $175.00
 Key Replacement  $30.00
 Box Drilling  $175.00
 Late Payment Fee  $5.00


Lessor does not provide insurance for the contents of your Safe Deposit Box. You may, at your own expense, secure your own insurance.

Lessee must maintain an active account with North Shore Bank in order to rent a Safe Deposit Box.

  1. Coin counters are free for NSB customers and are not available at all of our locations.
  2. This service is free to NSB customers. Not sold at all locations. Please click here for details.
  3. This fee will be imposed after the maximum amount of free foreign ATM transactions allowed by the Checking Account product has been reached.
  4. This is a monthly fee applied to the Free Checking account only, after 24 months of inactivity and a balance under $250.
  5. If an item is returned, the item may be represented for collection by the merchant or presenting bank. We do not monitor or control the number of times a transaction is presented for payment. If your account is still without sufficient funds, the same item may trigger multiple insufficient funds (NSF) charges.
  6. A 2% International Service Fee will be assessed on debit card transactions made outside of the U.S.
  7. Only available at our Merrimac location.
Non North Shore Bank ATMs may impose a surcharge which is in addition to any fee we may charge.