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Your best protection is awareness.

North Shore Bank is committed to your security

No matter how you bank — online, in-branch or on your mobile phone — North Shore Bank has your back. We’re constantly working to protect you and your information. At the same time, however, we believe that the more you know the better you can protect yourself. That’s why we regularly feature helpful tips and alerts, compiled from a variety of sources, which are designed to keep you informed of emergent risks and threats.

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September 2017

Watch Out For Hurricane and Disaster Phishing Scams | READ MORE 

July 2017

Top Ten Scams Targeting Bank Customers | READ MORE 

May 2017

Creating Complex Passwords Using Passphrases | READ MORE 

February 2017

This Tax Season Beware of W-2 Scams | READ MORE 

November 2016

Avoid Card Skimming Scams at ATMs | READ MORE 

September 2016

Dealing with a Data Breach | READ MORE

July 2016


May 2016

Useful Cybersecurity Tips | READ MORE

March 2016

Five Ways to Spot a Lottery Scam | READ MORE

January 2016

FBI Issues Warning For "Business E-mail Compromise" | READ MORE

November 2015

'Tis the season . . . to be Careful! | READ MORE

October 2015

Stop Unwanted Telemarketing Calls |  READ MORE

September 2015

Beware of Phony Emails Claiming to be from Retailers  |  READ MORE

August 2015

Obtaining a Free Credit Report  | READ MORE

July 2015

Disposing of Your Mobile Device  |  READ MORE

June 2015

Combined Attacks Can Be a Threat to Business Customers  | READ MORE

May 2015

Card Cracking Schemes  | READ MORE