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Need Euros or British Pounds? │North Shore Bank

Always in stock, never a wait and without the quizzical looks.

Okay maybe it’s our über-close proximity to the airport or the belief that a busy shopping mall or airport terminal isn’t the most private of places to conduct your financial transactions. Either way, we’ve been selling and exchanging Euros and British Pounds (GBP) at our Lynn Fells Parkway branch for the past seven years. We’ve also been offering Euros at our Peabody Square Office during the same period.

Unlike most banks, we don’t special order our foreign currency — we actually stock it in-branch. Most importantly our staff is extremely well- trained; they can quickly hook you up and have you on your way in a matter of minutes. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • There is no single exchange rate for foreign currency and rates quoted in the newspaper or online are index rates for financial markets
  • Minimum purchase amount of 100 Euros or Pounds and a maximum of 2,500 — sorry cash only, no credit card purchases
  • Free for North Shore Bank customers and a low $10 handling fee for non-customers
  • Competitive exchange rate — we beat the airport terminal and mall kiosks
  • Upon your return we’ll even exchange Euros and Pounds up to your original purchase amount (but we do not accept foreign coins)

For further information check out our Foreign Currency Q & A or call us at 781-231-3800.  Otherwise, you can always stop in at our 412 Lynn Fells Parkway branch  or 32 Main Street in Peabody Square — they’ll be happy to set you up.