North Shore Bank

Collection Services

With North Shore Bank’s Collection Services you’ll be able to concentrate company funds where they can be most efficiently utilized. In the process you’ll speed up your access to available cash and reduce your potential fraud risk.


North Shore Bank is pleased to offer DeskDeposit —allowing you to make company check deposits electronically from the convenience of your office. Save time and money by eliminating daily trips to the bank. This service will even give you faster availability to your funds and reduce the need for multiple banking relationships.

Using a desktop scanner, connected to your PC, DeskDeposit allows you to transmit the checks you receive from your customers over a secure online connection and into your NSB account. DeskDeposit from North Shore Bank is the quickest way to turn checks into working capital!

With DeskDeposit you’ll:

  • Enhance your cash  flow
  • Decrease your fraud risk
  • Streamline operations
  • Enjoy built-in administrative and security features

Deposit Reconciliation

This service enables you to deposit funds from multiple locations into a central account —reducing costs and simplifying operations.

Cash Concentration Services

A lower cost alternative to wire transfers, this service will allow you to accelerate your corporate cash flow.

Merchant Services

Expand your payment acceptance capabilities with North Shore Bank’s Merchant Services. Using this service your company can accept Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover® payments from your customers.

For information about cash management products and services at North Shore Bank —contact Peter Malinowski at (978) 538 -7072

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