North Shore Bank President and Chief Executive Officer, Kevin M. Tierney, Sr., recently met with Peabody Mayor, Ted Bettencourt, and members of the Peabody Cultural Collaborative, to present a check for $10,000. The funds will be used to sponsor the Banking and Philanthropy exhibit at the city’s future Curious City Pop-Up Children’s Museum.                                               

The Peabody Cultural Collaborative, in partnership with the Essex County Community Foundation, is spearheading the temporary museum which will feature hands-on, play based exhibits aimed towards children aged 2 through 10. 

Tierney stated:

Over the years we’ve supported many initiatives that have endorsed education, as well as those that have enhanced the economic vitality of the City. We felt that contributing to this wonderful museum accomplished both. The Banking and Philanthropy exhibit will be a fun and interactive way to teach children financial literacy.

Mayor Bettencourt said of North Shore Bank’s contribution:

We are grateful to North Shore Bank for its generous donation to the Peabody Cultural Collaborative and the Curious City Pop-Up Children’s Museum. North Shore Bank has a long history of supporting initiatives like this one which helps strengthen our community.
Targeted to open for a three-month period in April, the museum will be located at the George Peabody House and Leather Workers Museum on Washington Street.