On the weekend of September 26th and 27th, 2020, The Progeria Research Foundation (PRF) will host its 19th Annual International Race for Research AT-HOME Edition. Sponsored by PRF and its long-time partner, North Shore Bank, this signature event includes a 5K road race and a 2-mile walk. Participants will have the opportunity to walk or run in support of PRF in their own communities.  

Kevin M. Tierney, Sr., Chief Executive Officer of North Shore Bank said,

We’re really excited to be a part of this virtual event.  The Progeria Research Foundation’s passion and determination to find a cure for this fatal disease is inspirational.” He added, “We’re thrilled to once again be the title sponsor of the International Race for Research.

All race proceeds will go to PRF’s mission, to discover treatments and the cure for Progeria and its aging-related disorders, including heart disease. Progeria is a fatal, rapid aging condition. Without treatment, children with Progeria die of heart disease at an average age of 14.5 years – the same heart disease that affects millions of normal aging adults.  

Audrey Gordon, President and Executive Director of the Progeria Research Foundation said,

I often think of how lucky we are to have such an amazing, long-standing partnership with North Shore Bank.  Their philanthropic culture permeates throughout the company.” She continued, “NSB’s support of our races and other events has had a profound impact on children with Progeria, enabling us to discover treatments that are giving these remarkable children longer, healthier lives, and putting us firmly on the path to a cure.

This year’s AT-Home edition of the race is an opportunity to truly make this race international. PRF has chapters across the country and supporters around the world who will be able to participate in this event.  

Race registration is open now and online. This year’s suggested registration fee is $10, but participants are being asked to consider a donation as well.

Participants will have the weekend of September 26th and 27th to complete their run or walk and will ‘come together’ for a ZOOM gathering on Sunday the 27th at 4:00pm.  Cofounders Drs. Leslie Gordon and Scott Berns, Progeria Research Foundation Executive Director Audrey Gordon, Progeria Research Foundation Ambassador Meghan Waldron and representatives from North Shore Bank will host a fun interactive event for all participants and sponsors. The online registration can be accessed at www.prfroadrace.org or by calling 978-535-2594. 
About The Progeria Research Foundation 
The Progeria Research Foundation (PRF) was founded in 1999 by the family of Sam Berns in response to the complete lack of attention to, and progress being made in, Progeria research. The original mission: to discover the cause, treatments and cure for Progeria. In 2003, the PRF Genetics Consortium discovered the Progeria gene, a collaboration led by Dr. Francis Collins, then Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, and who is currently Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Today, PRF continues to be the only organization in the world solely dedicated to finding treatments and the cure for Progeria and its aging-related conditions, including heart disease. The organization fills a void, taking these children out of the background where they had been for more than 100 years and putting them and Progeria at the forefront of scientific efforts. For more information and to donate to PRF, please visit www.progeriaresearch.org.