North Shore Bank recently met with representatives from Grateful Friends to present them with a $5,000 contribution toward their Little Piece of Mind Program. This program offers bill paying assistance for adults living with or going through Cancer treatments and facing financial difficulties as a result. 

The American Cancer Society estimates that almost 1.9 million new Cancer cases will be diagnosed in the United States in 2021. Though these diagnoses come with emotional, physical and logistical hardships, Grateful Friends is doing their part to ease the financial weight of patient by providing support to adults living with cancer.

Christopher Pesce, Vice President of Marketing for North Shore Bank said:

Everyone knows someone who has been stricken with this awful disease, whether it’s a family member or a friend. Grateful Friends and it’s Little Piece of Mind Program takes just a little bit of stress away so Cancer patients can concentrate on their health and not the financial burden their diagnose may bring.” He added, “We’re so happy that we can assist them in their mission.

Kim Paratore, Executive Director of Grateful Friends, said of the bank’s contribution:

Cancer did not take a break during Covid and because we had to cancel our in-person fundraising events, we have relied on amazing partners like North Shore Bank to help finance our Little Piece of Mind Program.  This program gives grants to adults being treated for cancer in Essex and Middlesex counties as they struggle to pay bills due to being out of work or high insurance deductibles during their treatment.

About Grateful Friends
In late 2014, two friends had a life experience that was unexpected and difficult – Gwen Mahan Ryan was diagnosed with breast cancer and Lee Miraglia was diagnosed with lung cancer – coincidentally at the same time! One evening, while they were both still healing and recovering, they met for a night out. While sharing experiences from getting the diagnosis to bouncing back and everything in between, they realized they were grateful to be on the other side of procedures and treatments but also acknowledged some of the challenges they faced. They knew they weren’t the only ones who have had to navigate some of the difficulties that occur while dealing with a cancer diagnosis and treatments. A simple thing like sweeping the floor becomes impossible after having surgery. Recovery requires time off from work, but the utility bill still comes each month. And sometimes it would be great to not think about having cancer for a short time, so a movie or show is just the right medicine for that. Gwen and Lee wanted to help ease a little bit of the burdens of others also dealing with cancer, so, that evening, Grateful Friends was born. For more information on Grateful Friends, visit