Our Culture

This might sound cliché but at North Shore Bank we really are the sum of our parts — we’re a team and we genuinely enjoy each other’s company.  At every level of the organization we strive for openness, flexibility and understanding, and we’re confident that how we treat each other ultimately extends to how we treat our customers.

North Shore Bank attempts to create a harmonious work, home-life balance for its employees, recognizing that they spend a significant portion of their waking hours at the office. The organization is acutely sensitive to and thankful for the daily contribution of its staff.

Throughout the year, it’s never unusual to see collective demonstrations of goodwill, group activities and of course fun. To the right, Commercial Lender, Jerry Salerno and Pete Fenn work the grill in the parking lot of the bank’s Corporate Headquarters on Route #114. While we’re never exactly sure how many employees are fed during these lunchtime cookouts we’re pretty sure that no one goes home hungry.

And thanks to our Employee Connection Team, frequent events are planned after-hours, like trips to a local Escape Room, or a night of Atomic Bowling, all featuring lots of great food, drink and of course comradery.

Pictured to the right is a group of NSB employees enjoying a night of Atomic Bowling at Metro Bowl in Peabody. 

North Shore Bank is an Equal Opportunity Employer
North Shore Bank Bowling Night at Metro Bowl in Peabody
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