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Retirement Planning

Whether you’re decades or years from retirement, one thing is for certain, you need to have a plan. Luckily North Shore Bank and its strategic partner, Baystate Financial Services, can put you on the right track.

You can rely on the guidance you will receive from Baystate Financial Services to coordinate your retirement planning efforts. They will provide investment analysis and monitoring, plan design consulting and fee benchmarking. Their process-driven solutions help educate plan fiduciaries with their plan responsibilities, while guiding participants toward greater financial security.

Baystate Financial Services has expertise with many retirement plan programs, including:

  • 401(k) & Profit Sharing Plans
  • Cash Balance & Defined Benefit Plans
  • Solo K, SEP and SIMPLE Plans
  • Non-qualified Deferred Compensation, SERP and Executive Bonus arrangements

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For more information or to discuss your investment options please contact our Financial Representatives,
Janice Berner or George Ellison Jr..

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